Dieters Who Used The 12 Day Diet Plan Lost 10 lbs In Two Weeks

This is how to lose 10 lbs fast! Take a good look at this 12 day diet, some know it as the Atkins grapefruit diet, as one of the better ways to lose weight quick right here.

Up Close and Personal With this Grapefruit Diet

atkins grapefruit diet, this 12 day diet works!

Not really a fad diet at all! 

This grapefruit diet, some people refer to this as the Atkins Grapefruit Diet,

Is an established and well-known diet that utilizes the mysterious properties of the popular citrus fruit.

You will find that the 12 day diet is a better option among the various ways to lose weight quick. 

There are quite a few variations of this diet. Most, if not all, are low calorie and moderately high protein menus with grapefruit or unsweetened grapefruit juice taking center stage. 

Does this food have miraculous fat burning properties? Will this fad diet result in substantial weight loss over time? And how flexible is the plan, and do you really need to focus on grapefruit exclusively?

How This Grapefruit Diet May Work For You

Although there is no scientific evidence to back up the claim, fans of the Grapefruit Diet tout that an enzyme found in the fruit will melt away fat. 

As one of the top ways to lose weight quick, this theory is founded on information that when combined with protein, grapefruit has magical properties that cause weight loss. 

Whether or not that claim is true, grapefruit is an excellent addition to your diet. This is how to lose 10 lbs, in a fairly healthy manor, that many people find true weight loss success with.

Grapefruit is a low calorie snack and can be a tasty part of your breakfast, or enjoyed anytime you feel that urge for something sweet.

This fruit has a low glycemic index that will also make you feel full for longer, helping to eliminate hunger pains and excess calories. Citrus fruit includes fiber and a high amount of vitamin C, making it a healthy option for your diet.

You should know that fad diets such as this diet to lose weight will result in only short-term weight loss, due to a dramatic reduction in your calorie intake. 

Most of the menus for this diet contain between 800 and 1,000 calories per day, a very low number that would result in weight loss with or without the magical characteristics of the fruit.

Can You Cheat On 12 Day Diet?

This plan is similar to the Atkins Diet, in that it contains a decent amount of protein and focuses on fruits and vegetables more than carbohydrates. The menu plan is fairly strict without much room for play. 

You will eat a hearty breakfast including eggs, bacon, black coffee and grapefruit. Lunch centers on a salad with unlimited amounts of meat and, of course, a grapefruit. 

Dinner is usually more vegetables, meat and grapefruit. The one and only snack is consumed before bed and consists of a glass of skim milk. 

Bread does not make an appearance on the menu, nor do crackers, cereal or any other starchy foods (you also need to stay away from starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn or peas). 

It is recommended that you drink plenty of water on the 12 day diet and pure, unsweetened grapefruit juice can be substituted for the fruit itself. 

But other than that, if you stick to this diet plan, you should lose weight quickly. Since it lasts just 12 days, this strict plan is entirely doable. 

And then gently wean yourself off the grapefruit diet, adding in some healthy substitutions such as other low calorie fruits (apples, grapes, oranges, etc.) and plenty of fresh vegetables like baby carrots and green beans.

Among The Top Ways To Lose Weight Quick

The results of this grapefruit diet are pretty impressive, which may explain why dieters all over the world have found it to be a blessing when they are desperate to lose weight quickly.

Over a 12 day period most dieters can expect to lose 10 pounds.

Much of this is water weight, as opposed to fat loss, so you may actually gain it back fairly quickly after going back to your regular eating habits.

When you include grapefruit in your healthy eating plan, you are making a wise choice, and this Atkins grapefruit diet should help with your weight management, although following the entire Atkins Diet is not really necessary, but helpful for long term results.

Continue to focus on healthy foods, maintain a reasonable caloric intake and exercise regularly. These are the steps that will lead you towards long-term weight loss. 

If you want to start off your lifestyle change with a well established diet that is fairly simple to follow, the 12 day diet may be a good choice.

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Among the various diets that are so popular today, are any of these fad diets a long term solution to keeping weight off? 

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Choosing a weight loss plan or program is an individual choice, much depending upon how mush weight you want to lose. This review of the 12 day diet, may not be your best option. You can find more information about Diets To Lose Weight here. 

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